Who is Sir Nyadimo?

Sir is a pretty heavy term but I will embrace it for now hehe. I am a self-taught photographer who specializes in commercial, lifestyle, wedding and documentary (in waiting) photography. My style of photography is characterized by strong color and detail.

How did you develop an interest in photography?

Funny thing is I’m not one of those people who knew they loved photography from a young age. I stumbled upon photography while trying to get supplementary income to my accounting job. A friend suggested film equipment hire and like many business ventures, you only discover the truth once you’re inside. Business was slow which meant I had the equipment with me most of the time. I started playing with the video camera and we had chemistry. Something about Photography and Motion just felt right. As they say the rest is history.

Did you have any profession before? What happened? 

Yes, I did. As I mentioned earlier, I was and still am an Accountant by profession. Photography at first was something I needed to do but has now become something I have to do-my passion.

 What equipment do you prefer to use?

The way I see it a Camera is a camera at the end of the day but my weapon of choice currently is a Sony A99. When I grow up I hope to get the Sony A7rii hoping that it will not be obsolete then.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by the environment and stuff happening around me. I like doing photography that people can relate to. In terms of photographers, I love Osborne Macharia’s work. I admire his photography journey, the high quality of his pictures and the fictional stories that he has become so well known for internationally.

Tell us about the Sony World Photography Awards? Hence you are a superstar in photography? By the way am your number one fan.

First things first Double Hi 5 to my number 1 fan.

I learnt about the awards when Allan Gichigi was shortlisted and was really amazed about it. The Sony World Photography Awards seemed like a big deal, it is a big deal. Funny thing is what drew me to the awards was the word ‘Sony’ (Shallow I know) and was very surprised to find out Allan did not shoot Sony. I then submitted a few times but unfortunately I didn’t make it. I worked hard at improving the quality and substance in my photography with the aim of at least getting shortlisted. When I won I was ecstatic and knew that my hard work had paid off. I’m now putting in more effort for my next entry. I’m aiming at the Top Award.

Do you have an assistant and do you collaborate well with the assistant?

Yes I sort of have an assistant. My girlfriend assists me on shoots. I at times have people problems. I tend to withdraw into my artist shell. She being a people person aids a lot in this area which leaves me to be the artist and create. Occasionally she helps with the heavy lifting and content creation.

When did you join P.A.K? So far, have you seen change in your growth since you joined P.A.K?

I joined P.A.K earlier this year and it’s been amazing. I have met many skilled people who I’ve been able to share with on different concepts, editing techniques and other cool photography stuff. In the few months I’ve already acquired a lot of photography knowledge that I cannot quantify.

 Describe a typical day in the life of Victor?

The first thing I do when I wake up is look at pictures on the net for inspiration, then I check out football news-I’m a huge Arsenal fan. Afterwards, I go to work for my 8-5 Job. In the evening I work on my photography till the time I feel tired. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch while editing. I do most of my shooting on weekends unless the assignment/project demands a weekday shoot.

Any achievements in your life as a photographer.

SWPA 2016 Kenya Award winner

Tell us of your scariest moment as a photographer?

The first time I went for a photo shoot I was very excited because someone was actually giving me a chance to prove myself. We went to Karura and the scene was breath taking, took the pictures and they looked great. I remember checking them out with the client on the canon 60D I’d hired, only to get home and discover that the pictures were not as good as I thought. This was my first conscious interaction with ISO. I remember that feeling I’d get every time the clients would ask for the pictures. Luckily when I delivered the pictures I had fixed them enough for the client not to notice phweks.

Any major upcoming projects?

This year I have a couple of projects in store that you will just have to wait and see/enjoy hehehe

 Any advice to upcoming photographers?

‘Google is your friend’ I am fortunate nowadays I have people I can consult thanks to P.A.K but when I was starting out that was my ‘bible’.

Do you do photography for passion or for money?

In the Famed words of Dani Diamond “Photography is a passion. I do it because I love it; getting paid for it is simply a bonus.”

In the next one year where will you be in this photography industry or what should we be anticipating?

You guys should expect to see more of me. I have some great works in the oven.

Closing remarks?

I would like to encourage anyone who is following their passion. At times you might feel discouraged but don’t give up. You will get your blessing in due time.


Email: vicnyadi@gmail.com

Website: www.otienonyadimo.com

Instagram: otienonyadimo.com

Facebook: Otieno Nyadimo

Twitter: OtienoNyadimo