P.A.K. is dedicated to hosting as many events as possible to maximize the value of having a common family of Kenyan photographers where we have a healthy mix of serious business and fun. W strive to set the timings, dates and venues for these events at the best possible time. We send out updates via a newsletter that is sent every 2 weeks, our blog section and on all social media platforms.

1. Monthly Forums: Our sessions dubbed ‘Plug-Ins’ are held every month and are centred on learning, networking, and brainstorming on projects and updates on the Association’s progress. These activities squarely fall under our objective of capacity building. Most of these are free or highly subsidized for members. (view gallery)

2. Training: In partnership with institutions such as, KECOBO, Nikon, PAWA254 and others, we facilitate training workshops for our members to grow their skills in photographer as well as in business, marketing, presentation and many others. (view gallery)

3. Social Events (#Tukulembuzi meet-ups): meet-ups): We host member outings with and fun as well as occasional family events. The meet-ups are tailored to meet freelance photographers as well as those with 8–5 jobs, usually done on weekends. (view gallery)

4. Photography Awards: Awards: PAK partners with other organisations and hosts annual Kenya Photography Awards, now looking to the third edition in 2016. This awards programme seeks to appreciate excellence in photography in Kenya. (visit website or view photos on gallery)

5. Field Trips (#Tujazevan): We hold our outdoor excursions to cater to specialists and enthusiasts in wildlife, landscape, and model/fashion photographers. So far trips have been made to the following destinations: Nairobi national park, Nakuru National Park and Amboseli National Park. (view gallery)

6. Exhibitions: P.A.K. organizes and hosts exhibitions for members to work as well as collaborate with other institutions and industry players. This creates a platform for publicity, sales and joining noble causes such as conservation, climate change, health, social change and many others. Contact our secretariat if you are interested in exhibiting your work.